The penthouse flat


In 1900, Arnesenbrygga is recorded as having simple accomodation for 5 fishermen. A usual arrangement in the day, the facility owner offered lodgings for fishermen delivering fish during the fishing season. Today, Arnesenbrygga provides modern and comfortable accomodation where exhausted fishermen rested more than 100 years ago.


3 bedroom, penthouse flat with modern facilities. Cozy hoisthouse veranda where you can enjoy a morning coffee or a cold beer on a summer evening. Marvellous view towards Stavneset lighthouse, Averøy and the fishings grounds off the coast. There is only one flat in Arnesenbrygga, so tennants enjoy exclusive access. 

Bedroom #3, Double bed
Bedroom #2, Double bed, 2 single beds
View towards SW, excellent fishing grounds
Entrance corridor 3rd floor
The Arnesenbrygga property
Kitchen with breakfast area
You view from the hoisthouse veranda bench
Enjoy exclusive access to the banquet room and lounge


  • Top floor, approx. 110 sqm
  • Bedoom 1: 2 single beds
  • Bedroom 2: double bed + 2 single beds
  • Bedroom 3: double bed
  • Kitchen with fridge, dishwasher and stove
  • Bathroom with shower and washing machine
  • Safe storage for fishing or diving gear
  • WiFi


A Hansvik 18-foot, 50HP with satnav and fishfinder is included in the price. Moored at floating jetty next to Arnesenbrygga. A GH14 with 9.9HP outboard is also available, excellent as a spearfishing runabout or for exploring the costline and smaller islands.


Convenient gutting bench with fresh water access. Spacious freezer for your catch. Vacuum packing machine available on request.


Tired after a long day of fishing? Enjoy the spacious outdoor area with firepit and a breathtaking view of the fjord outlet, Averøy and the Stavneset lighthouse.

Grilled cod anyone?