Q. We're not too familiar with the area, would local guides be available?

Yes, we're local and will gladly provide guidance on where to go or help you organize a guided tour. We know where to find the good fishing spots and local attractions.

Q. What do we need to bring for our fishing vacation?

Boat rental is included in the price when renting the Arnesenbrygga Penthouse. What's not included is; petrol and fishing gear. We also recommend bringing your personal flotation gear if you prefer something else than the floatation wests provided.  We have a limited selection of ocean fishing rods available for rental. Make sure you bring warm & windproof clothing, boots and favorite filleting knives.

Q. Where could we park our vehicles?

Parking is on the west side of Arnesenbrygga where we've got parking space for a maximum of 8 cars. Parking in this area is limited to vehicles with a maximum height of 195cm due to the footbridge to Arnesensalen. Taller vehicles may be parked on the 2 parking spots NW of the footbridge.

Q. We've got a pet, would that be a problem?

Sorry... we love pets too, but regrettably many guests are allergic to them, therefore absolutely no pets.

Q. We just want to rent Arnesensalen for a party or meeting, would that be possible?

Lease is limited to full weekend and including the Penthouse flat. In consideration for our neighbors we have decided to limit the amount of access traffic and noise related to short time lease of Arnesensalen. We're located in a quiet residential area and reserve the right to respectfully decline booking requests for arrangements that are likely to be incompatible with maintaining a good relationship with our neighbors. The facilities are ideal for confirmations or babtism receptions with guests arriving from out of town. Not so much for a reunion party with your rowdy friends :-)

Q. We plan to have a reception at Arnesensalen with food and drinks. Do we need to bring crockery and cutlery for the guests?

Not if if plan for 22 guests or less, the most commonly used utensils are available in the kitchen/bar. You would only need to arrange tablecloth, napkins, flowers and decorations. We recommented that you contact us for special inquiries. If you have the opportunity to drop by, we can show you the facilities and utilities available. 

Q. Are the facilities suitable for small children or guests with disabilities? 

Due to steep stair and fire safety considerations, we can regrettably not let the Penthouse flat to guests with disabilities.  Arnesensalen is however wheel chair accessible. Please note that toilet facilities do not comply with modern size and accessibility standards, please inquire if in doubt. As for small children, please note that this is an old industrial building by the seaside. Stairs are steep and do not have railings or safety guards. We do not recommend the facilities for visitors with toddlers or children that have not yet learnt to swim.