Local attractions


Famous stretch of road skipping across the skerries and small islands between Averøy and Vevang. Seen in numerous car commercials and the James Bond movie "No time to die".


Scenic fishing village 12km NW of Kristiansund. Once the smallest municipality in Norway with original settlements tracing back to the 1100-hundreds. A stave-church from the second half of the 1400's occupies the highest spot on the small island. Within reach from Arnesenbrygga with the 18-footer if the weather is decent. Passenger boat from Kristiansund harbor is also an option.


Scenic listed shipyard established in 1856. Today a part of Nordmøre museum and a place where old craftmansship is still taught and used repairing the vintage ships moored by the shipyard.


One of the most impressive clipfish processing buildings in the inner harbor. Today it houses the Kristiansund Clipfish museum.


The thing represents the earliest forms of democratic government and was the place where men met to resolve their differences. The Bremsnes thing is famous for being the site were the first king of Norway, Harald Hårfagre had his hair and beard shorn by his ally Ragnvald Mørejarl after his decisive battle to gather Norway under his rule. The stone circle is more then 3500 years old.


Resturant and bar at a spectacular location in the middle of the historic harbor. Built on a skerry named after its function; "Crane skerry". The crane was rather a large winch construction used for keelhauling of ships. No, not the well-known method of punishment, but the process of forcing a ship over on its side while afloat in order to perform maintenance on the hull below the waterline. Just a stone's throw from Mellemverftet.


Charming harbor passenger ferry transporting pedestrians and bicyclists between the three islands of Kristiansund town center. The worlds oldest collective means of transport in uninterrupted service since its etablishment.


The Varden tower is built at the site of a cairn dating bact to the viking ages. Today you have a stunning view over the entire region from the top. Connected to a network of scenic hiking paths to Vanndamman and the beautiful recreational nature park stretching west. Vanndamman is a set of ponds constructed to collect rainwater for the towns first water supply.


There are several good fishing spots in walking distance from Arnesenbrygga where you can fish from land. Revhammern is one of the best, at the very outlet of the Bremsnes fjord with view to Grip and Stavneset lighthouse.


During WWII, Kristiansund was heavily fortified by the Germans. A number of interesting bunker constellations can be explored in the area. Remember to bring a good flashlight. Some of the most interesting fortifications are; 

    • Kristiansund Nord (MKB 3./505)
    • Kvalvik fort (MKB 3./976 Kvalvik)
    • Innlandet (MKB 6./976 Innlandet)
    • Torpedobatterie Nordlandet (MAA 505)
    • The Wassermann radar bunker at Klubba


There is no better pasttime than fishing ...or diving. However, it may be windy or you have caught too much already.

Consider exploring the local sights and attractions while you are here.